Mermaid Halloween Costumes Now Have a New Twist - Hint Why Ken Can't Take His Eyes Off of Barbie

Published: 20th October 2010
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Looking for a Halloween costume, but your tired of the same old boring creepy costumes like the witch, vampire, zombie, and skeleton costumes. Perhaps you would like something that is equally different while gorgeous, then I recommend considering a mermaid costume. When you dress like a mermaid you will not need to fret about freaking out that certain someone you had your eyes on lately, but you can count on making all the other girls green with envy. A mermaid Halloween outfit makes for a great choice, because they are sensual, and are not the same old creepy fad similar to many Halloween costumes.

Mermaids are a legendary mystical creatures of the deep seas, that posse the upper body of a female and lower body of a fish, and are known to be attention-grabbing and beautiful. Legend has it that mermaids, like sirens, often sang causing many a sailor who became enthralled by her beauty and song to smash their boat into the rocks. So as you can see the mermaid's allure has a commanding affect on guys.

So wearing a sexy mermaid costume to a Halloween party is certain to seize the admirable attention of many, while making others jealous. An additional incentive mermaid Halloween costumes make a better choice is that they are not that widespread, thus the probability of someone also being dressed as mermaid are slim to practically none.

Since mermaid costumes come in various colors and sizes finding one to fit your requirements, regardless if your shopping for an infant, child, or yourself, you'll be able to buy one that is just right. The infant costumes will make your baby the cutest mermaid of any get-together and the childrens mermaid costumes will turn your youngster into a lovely princess of the sea. As an adult searching for an adult mermaid costume, you will have a choice in styles ranging from glamorous, to sensual, to sexy.

Several mermaid Halloween costumes for adults make use of shimmering and glossy fabrics to help simulate the shiny look of a fish. The costumes top accentuates your upper body's contour, while the long shiny skirt creates the appearance of a fish's body.

The costume's sea colors of mostly blue-green along with some turquoise and sequin patterns will have you looking like a mesmerizing mermaid of the deep seas. These adult mermaid Halloween costumes will make you the catch of the party.

Child mermaid costumes also come in a variety of variations and colors of lavender, sea-green, and recently pink along with the accessories like seashell headband and artificial star fishes. Some child mermaid costumes have dresses that flare out at the bottom to create the affect of a fish tail, making her a beautiful princess of the sea.

A recent addition to the child mermaid costume collection is the Barbie Mermaid costumes. Due to the sensation of the animated movie "Barbie in a Mermaids Tale" released in the spring of 2009, the Barbie Mermaid costumes was promptly launched. The Barbie Mermaid costumes, like the Little Mermaid costumes, are available in various variations.

While most of the child mermaid Halloween costumes come in sea colors of blue-green, the Barbie costume is offered in pink, Barbie's favorite color. The pink color of the Barbie costume combined with little girls much loved fantasy characters, the Little Mermaid and Barbie, make this a preferred costume with little ones. After all what little child doesn't like the color pink and the opportunity to be Barbie, especially when she will be a little Barbie mermaid. Making the Barbie Mermaid costume certain to be a huge hit this Halloween season.

So why not mesmerize your partner and friends this Halloween dressing in a sexy mermaid costume, and while your there why not gift your little angel a child mermaid costume. Turn her into a little princess of the sea with our little mermaid costumes.

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